Monday, March 21, 2005


Lindbergh Boulevard

As Charles Lindbergh was getting ready to fly to Paris, one of the Guggenheim family remarked to him "Look me up when you get back from Paris". That was a joke; he never expected to see Lindbergh alive again.

But Lindbergh was on a roll when he got back, and paid a visit to Guggenheim. Together, they cooked up the idea of a public relations tour to promote aviation. Lindbergh would fly to every one of the 48 states, and make a speech. One of the places visited was Philadelphia, which had a new airport to promote. So, a road was renamed in Lindbergh's honor, leading from the airport to Bartram's Garden, formerly 54th and Elmwood.

The significance of this solemn matter is that The Right Angle Club is having a boat tour of the Schuylkill River, followed by a dinner under a tent in Bartram's Garden. It would have been Spring 2005, but the tides limit the floating dock to just a few suitable evenings and it turned out to be impractical. But by next spring they hope to have a permanent pier, and a lot more flexibility in available dates.

Meanwhile, the Bartram Garden organization has a website, which you should be able to view by quickly double-clicking the following link:

Bartram's Garden

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