Monday, July 25, 2005


August Meetings Fridays at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia.

August 2005

Dear Right Angler:

As if hurricanes such as Ivan weren't bad enough last Season, we are off to an early start this year with Dennis the Menace and Emily. Now Franklin is on the move. Has the war on terror expanded the weather? What can we do if Global warming is really on the way? One thing is to cool off on Friday's at the Right Angle with frozen daiquiri, a gin Rickey, a Planter's or Fish House punch , a chilled brew or, if you will excuse the prohibition expression, an iced tea. On a nice sunny day any of the former, except the latter, could cause a self inflicted hurricane of the brain. So Easy on the Sauce.

This time of year always reminds me of the Friday raffle. I've only won it once and that was on a hot day in August when we had one of the lowest turnouts (hence one of the smallest pots-single digit ever.) Let's keep the attendance and learn from our own their recent or past experiences as well as the unexpected knowledge of our fellow Anglers. Don't forget to bring with you a humorous story or enlightening tidbit to make the get togethers all the more enjoyable.

Please remember: When paying cash for drinks at the Racquet Club Bar your gratuity is included in the price.

For edification beyond the norm:

Aug 5 - James Mallinson Pontificating on Proper Pronunciation and Elocution of the Vernacular.

12- David Leith Hablaing Espanol Motorcycling en Mexico

19- Buck Scott Surveying is the World Round or Just the Globe Flat

26- Paul W. Shaffer Curator of Eniac Museum History of Computers

August is the month for the Latin recess, but bear in mind, autumn is just around the corner.

Your humble fumbler,

Merrill H.J. Roth

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