Wednesday, August 24, 2005


September 2005 Fridays at 12:33pm in the City of Philadelphia - Throughout the Year

As the summer draws to a close, the heat index is showing little regard. So what else is hot? The Boad of Control, that's what!! Yes, your BOC is coming back after a long summer slumber. With a well rested, Jim Kilcur<auctions>" at the controls and a dozen other wizards at his side, except big things. On the agenda for BOC will be the establishment of a fines committee to check whether you are wearing your club rosette or tie. They will be watching your dietary restraint as well: only one dessert per member; two martini maximum before 12:33pm (you're Ok Rod, just check in with Mallinson for the perfect one and that you are pronouncing the word correctly). The wearing of your name tag is essential. Some Members can't remember who you are from week to week. Name tags come in two shades of green, unless your complection has changed, then add another.

"Ever notice that when certain members come around during lunch to collect the raffle money, they ask for the money before coming up with the ticket? When I buy something, I usually am handed the merchandise first, after approving it, then pay for it. Bad form I would say. I am looking forward to the September 17th Autumn picnic at the Leith's; I hope you are.(See form enclosed) It's a great venue and I'm sure David will come up with a surprise of sorts. You will have to go easy on the libations, as there is a swimming pool there. Many a guest have become disoriented only to find what Sponge Bob has known for some time. Their auburn haired retriever named Biscuit will be on the property. He is very friendly, but could feast upon your meal while you are looking the other way. Should you be a victim, don't chase Biscuit, as he will surely lead you into the pool.

We are all wishing Art Huntley a speedy recovery from his surgery. It would be
nice if some of our non regulars and their ladies could make it on the 17th.

For you intellectual requisites this month, digest the following voice of knowledge for your edification:

Sept. 2 - Labor Day Weekend Holiday

9 - Dianah Neff Phila. Chief information Officer on Wireless, Broadband, Internet update.

17 - Autumn Picnic

Major General Geo. W. Miller, III Wall Street approach to shaping up the Pentgon

30 - Richard W. Palmer, Esq., Spellbinding tales of an admiralty attorney or escrow at

Cum dignitate Otium Ciecero first Century B.C.

Your Most humble servant,

Merrill H.J. Roth

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