Friday, February 03, 2006


Friday at 12:33 In the City of Philadelphia -Thoughout the Year..

Friday at 12:33 In the City of Philadelphia -Thoughout the Year..

Dear Right Angle Members:

Bush is orating, Oregon is shaking, Arizona is baking, Kennedy is conniving, Alito is surviving, Zawahiri is tauting, Hamas is flaunting, Iran is daunting, Bernanke is ascending, America is spending, Sadam is ranting, Howard Dean is panting and all is well at the Right Angle!

The President's Dinner was unparalleled success. The Philadelphia Club (courtesy of Dan Sossaman) provided a sumptuous meal and Fred Miller taught us all of Irving Berlin's songs with rousing finale led by John Wetzel of God Bless America. If you missed it you lost out on a great Right Angle tradition!

Luncheon Department

Feb. 3 Jasbir S. Khurana, Col. Indian Army Retired. Retired.
After a brilliant career which included command of a Gurka battalion,
the Colonel will speak on the history of the Sikh religion.

10 Judith Guston, Curator of the Rosenbach Museum and Library The
Rosenbach is a world famous repository of rare books and materials and Judith
will focus on the Benjamin Franklin display which includes original copies of Poor
Richard's Almanacs.

17. NO LUNCHEON --- President's Day

24. Zachary Stalberg, Director Committee of Seventy. For many years, Mr. Stalberg
was editor of the Philadelphia Daily News and recently he was taken a key positon
with the warch-dog private Committee which closely monitors the activites of City

So get up, get dressed, and get to The Right Angle. We cover the scope of human experience from religion to history to politics and all in an hour and a half!


Geraldo Rivera Hinckle

Friday, January 06, 2006


January 2006 Friday at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia..

January 2006 Friday at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia..

Dear Right Angle Members:

Happy New Year from the Right Angle Club! May 2006 be Healthy , Happy, and Prosperous for you and your families!

California is Drowning, the Eagles are frowning, China is alariming, Twain is arming, Oklahoma is smoking, Iran is provoking, Isreal is not joking and all is weel at Right Angle.

Speakers Department:

Jan 13. The Rt. Reverned Dr. David L. Moyer, Bishop of the Armed Forces, Rector of the Church of the Good Shepard, Rosemont, PA "Counter-Reformaztion in the Angelican Church: The Age of Relativism

Jan 20. Dr. Marja Hoel-Smit, Director International Housing Finace Program, Wharton School "helping People to Help Themselves: Mirco Credit in the Developing Nations

Jan 27. No Luncheon-- President Black Tie Dinner at the Philadelphia Club 6pm..

Please feel free to bring guests. The Board of Control in its infinite wisdom has decreed that your guests may feast on our sumptuos fare and enjoy our congeniality for FREE. Hopefully our infectious fellowship and warm atmosphere will compel them to join our group. We will welcome them into the fold.

So say prayer for our brave soldiers who gallantly stand in the breech and keep us safe from those wretched souls who wish us harm and get yourself to Right Angle. The New Year promises more good food, interesting speakers and a new slate of leadership.


Michael Savage Hinckle

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


November 2005 Fridays at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia - Thoughout the year.

Dear Right Angle Member:

Pakistan is quaking, Harriet is qualifying, Russia is quarreling, the birds are quarantining, Donald Duck is quacking up and all is well at Right Angle.


Nov- 4
Lloyed B. Roach, President, WCOJ 1420 AM Radio "Form Spark to Space"

11- Geri Sicola, Director for InternationalPrograms, American Friends Service Committee- Emergency Assistance and Long-Term Recovery Projects

18- David Powell, President, Powell Pump and Well Drilling World water Issues: Is
there Enough

25- No Luncheon- Happy Thanksgiving

Enclosed is a brochure from the World Affairs Council Promoting a trip to Washington from May 8 to 13, 2006. Please contact George Ross Fisher if you are interested in participating.

So get up, get dressed, and get to Rigt Angle where we will quench your quest for quality quarry and quiet your quizzical mind with quality quotations from our qualified quorum of quintessential quipsters. (Whew)

Huey, Dewey, Louey Q. Hinckle (All bird Flu free)

Monday, September 26, 2005


October 2005 Fridays at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia- Throught the Year.

October 2005

Dear Right Angle Member:

Katrina has gone swooning, Rita is looming, GAza is Bomming (with gunfire) John Roberts is assuming, the Califorina sea lions are balloning, Democrats are fuming and all is well at Right Angle.


Oct. 7- John P. Maher, M.D. Director Chester County Health Department " The Mossaic of Preparedness.

Oct. 14- Anthony J. Brown, the Curtis Institute of Music "On of Phialdelphia's Secret Gems"

Oct. 21- Dan Sossaman (our own Right Angler) and First City Trooper"Reminiscences from the Balkan Deployment"

Oct. 28- David Scott, Capt., U.S. Coast Guard "The Coast, Bio-Terror and Preparedness"

What an organization! Fine Food, fellowship and cutting edge presentaions on the front page issues of the day. So get up get dressed ( even if you need help) and get to Right Angle.

Kudos to Brother Leith for a wonderful picnic at Windy Knoll, his palace in Haverford!


Michael Chertoff Hinckle

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


September 2005 Fridays at 12:33pm in the City of Philadelphia - Throughout the Year

As the summer draws to a close, the heat index is showing little regard. So what else is hot? The Boad of Control, that's what!! Yes, your BOC is coming back after a long summer slumber. With a well rested, Jim Kilcur<auctions>" at the controls and a dozen other wizards at his side, except big things. On the agenda for BOC will be the establishment of a fines committee to check whether you are wearing your club rosette or tie. They will be watching your dietary restraint as well: only one dessert per member; two martini maximum before 12:33pm (you're Ok Rod, just check in with Mallinson for the perfect one and that you are pronouncing the word correctly). The wearing of your name tag is essential. Some Members can't remember who you are from week to week. Name tags come in two shades of green, unless your complection has changed, then add another.

"Ever notice that when certain members come around during lunch to collect the raffle money, they ask for the money before coming up with the ticket? When I buy something, I usually am handed the merchandise first, after approving it, then pay for it. Bad form I would say. I am looking forward to the September 17th Autumn picnic at the Leith's; I hope you are.(See form enclosed) It's a great venue and I'm sure David will come up with a surprise of sorts. You will have to go easy on the libations, as there is a swimming pool there. Many a guest have become disoriented only to find what Sponge Bob has known for some time. Their auburn haired retriever named Biscuit will be on the property. He is very friendly, but could feast upon your meal while you are looking the other way. Should you be a victim, don't chase Biscuit, as he will surely lead you into the pool.

We are all wishing Art Huntley a speedy recovery from his surgery. It would be
nice if some of our non regulars and their ladies could make it on the 17th.

For you intellectual requisites this month, digest the following voice of knowledge for your edification:

Sept. 2 - Labor Day Weekend Holiday

9 - Dianah Neff Phila. Chief information Officer on Wireless, Broadband, Internet update.

17 - Autumn Picnic

Major General Geo. W. Miller, III Wall Street approach to shaping up the Pentgon

30 - Richard W. Palmer, Esq., Spellbinding tales of an admiralty attorney or escrow at

Cum dignitate Otium Ciecero first Century B.C.

Your Most humble servant,

Merrill H.J. Roth

Friday, August 05, 2005


September 17 Special Event

David and Lee Leith (174 Golf House Road, Haverford) have very kindly offered the use of their house for our September outing. It's a splendid location, just across the road from the 15th hole of the Merion Golf Club. Very private, splendid view, but very easy to reach. Horace Krumbauer, who designed the Racquet Club, also designed this house. I understand Tiger Woods will be wandering around the neighborhood at this time, but we can't guarantee you will see him.

The outing will be an early dinner, or late picnic, catered by Rudy, who was the chef at Corinthian Yacht Club for our dinners in earlier years. He's now the chef at the Franklin Inn Club, and is causing quite a revival of interest.

Saturday, September 17, 2005, at 3:30 PM.

Please, please give us an RSVP at 856-427-6135. If George Fisher doesn't answer, just tell Torie my secretary, or leave a message on the answering device.

As is customary, there is no charge for members, but we have to make a charge of $50 for each guest you bring along.

DIRECTIONS: Go to Haverford College on Lancaster Avenue. The main road into the College is called Railroad Avenue, which changes its mame to College Avenue. Just keep going on College Avenue, over a little humped bridge over the trolley line. Immediately turn left after you cross the bridge, and then very promptly turn right into a semi-hidden driveway at 174 Golf House Road. We'll try to tie a balloon to the mailbox at the entrance, if we think of it in time.

The only possibility for confusion would be to get on Golf View Road instead of Golf House Road, but they intersect; if you get to Darby Road, you've gone too far. If you're reading this, you must have a computer, so take a look at

Monday, July 25, 2005


August Meetings Fridays at 12:33 in the City of Philadelphia.

August 2005

Dear Right Angler:

As if hurricanes such as Ivan weren't bad enough last Season, we are off to an early start this year with Dennis the Menace and Emily. Now Franklin is on the move. Has the war on terror expanded the weather? What can we do if Global warming is really on the way? One thing is to cool off on Friday's at the Right Angle with frozen daiquiri, a gin Rickey, a Planter's or Fish House punch , a chilled brew or, if you will excuse the prohibition expression, an iced tea. On a nice sunny day any of the former, except the latter, could cause a self inflicted hurricane of the brain. So Easy on the Sauce.

This time of year always reminds me of the Friday raffle. I've only won it once and that was on a hot day in August when we had one of the lowest turnouts (hence one of the smallest pots-single digit ever.) Let's keep the attendance and learn from our own their recent or past experiences as well as the unexpected knowledge of our fellow Anglers. Don't forget to bring with you a humorous story or enlightening tidbit to make the get togethers all the more enjoyable.

Please remember: When paying cash for drinks at the Racquet Club Bar your gratuity is included in the price.

For edification beyond the norm:

Aug 5 - James Mallinson Pontificating on Proper Pronunciation and Elocution of the Vernacular.

12- David Leith Hablaing Espanol Motorcycling en Mexico

19- Buck Scott Surveying is the World Round or Just the Globe Flat

26- Paul W. Shaffer Curator of Eniac Museum History of Computers

August is the month for the Latin recess, but bear in mind, autumn is just around the corner.

Your humble fumbler,

Merrill H.J. Roth

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